Promises Made/Promises Kept

Following the 2006 municipal election, my Inaugural message outlined some of the things which were important to me, my constituents, the City.  It was my look into the crystal ball! 

Excerpt from Inaugural message: "moving ahead with an enclosed, pedestrian bridge over the 401:"

In 1996, while the 401 was under construction, I successfully put forth a motion that envisioned having the footings for this bridge installed. In 2006, I knew that in order to keep that commitment and bring that vision to reality, monies needed to be contributed by the Federal & Provincial governments. They have responded with $10 million.  Pedestrian mobility and easing the gridlock around the GO Station during rush hours were paramount motivators.  Parking garages on both the north & south sides of the 401 will do much to resolve the situation.

ON THE HORIZON:  the bridge will be a stand-out landmark for the City

Excerpt from Inaugural message: "our commitment to seeing one, possibility two, office towers being constructed"

Construction of the 1st office tower and the parking garage on the Town Centre lands is well under way. With the addition of the Pedestrian Bridge, Pickering's Downtown Revitalization journey has taken a giant step forward.

ON THE HORIZON: the tower will create prime quality space fronting #401 bringing new, fresh employment opportunities to our residents.  Watch for news of the 2nd tower.

Excerpt from Inaugural message: "new developments - commercial, industrial & retail - must be attracted to Pickering..."

ON THE HORIZON:  during this past term of office, the hard work of myself, my colleagues and a tremendous Economic Development team have been responsible for some 4,000 new jobs in Pickering.  That is progress! That I shall be doing more of!

Excerpt from Inaugural message: "we need to see significant progress towards an art centre"

ON THE HORIZON:  a community cultural arts study is to be completed by the consultants shortly - clearly Pickering needs and desires this if we are to showcase our local talent and enjoy the passion of well-known outside artists.  Fundraising will need to take place and I will work with Durham West Arts Council to raise those funds because, I too, want to see a shovel in the ground during this next term of office.