Doug & JoAnn Dickerson

Doug and Jo-Ann are devoted grandparents to the Princess Brianna

Doug & JoAnn Dickerson

Doug & granddaughter, Brianna, participating in the Devi Mandir Walkathon. Brianna knows you are not supposed to walk on the road, so the ever accommodating Granddad takes to the sidewalk!

Doug, a 33 year member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 606, and Jo-Ann, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, joined by granddaughter Brianna, participating in Remembrance Day Services.



Jo-Ann Kerr-Dickerson
Spouse: Doug Dickerson
Children: Stephen Kerr, Shannon Currie (Travis), Cheryl Simmons (Marc)
Occupation: Sales/Customer Support

Thank you for joining us at and for your interest in our family.

Doug and I are a blended family.  We met in the early 80’s and have been working and raising our families together ever since.

It can be tricky to raise a family, run a household, a business, and have a politician for a partner!  I consider myself a master!  Politics in our home was understood by even the youngest member.  All phone calls were important and messages needed to be  taken accurately.   Our children were on the cusp of answering machines before e-mail was invented.  Elections were every two years then - every four years now. Cheryl was only six years old when she first canvassed (door to door) for her dad.  Same age Doug was when he began canvassing for his dad.

These early responsibilities may seem harsh to some - down right cruel to others; but in our family it was all good. Today our children are all grown up with husbands and babies of their own; they are community minded, caring and giving individuals.  During any election you will see our family putting up signs,  knocking at your door, or on the phone asking you to support their dad.  It took a master to have accomplished all that!

Doug was already a full blown politician when I met him.  Doug’s dad, Merle Dickerson, was in politics for 51 years and Mayor of North Bay, Ontario, for 23 of those years.

It did not take long for “the politics” to get into my blood.  Through Doug, I was able to learn how, the then “Town” of Pickering, worked.  Once armed with this knowledge, the winners became the residents.  When answering a call, I take all the particulars - in some cases go and view the concern - forward the request to the appropriate city department and brief Doug when he gets home.  The residents actually get "two for the price of one"!

Our family has always believed in public service.  We know there are many different ways to serve our community and our country to make the world a better place.

I hope that you will join with us on our journey towards a healthier and a more sustainable Pickering - and dedicate some of your time to serving others. 

On my own behalf, I ask you to weigh heavily the years Doug has given to his, and your, community and know that Pickering is a better place to live, work and play as a result. 

I urge you to cast your ballot on October 25th and to give Doug your vote to continue representing us - like no other!